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Featured Athlete: Malcolm Hicks

Name: Malcolm Hicks
Date of Birth: 19/10/1987
Club: Wesley
Discipline: Middle Distance

What are your main achievements in Athletics?
My sub-4 minute mile in 2012 at Cooks Garden will always remain as one of my proudest achievements.
Winning both the NZ Cross-Country and NZ Road championships in 2013 was also a highlight.

What are the main challenges of the season?

Balancing work and training is currently my main challenge. Fitting two runs a day around an ever increasing work load is difficult. It’s often the small things that suffer, but am continually finding ways to be more efficient with my time. The hockey ball under my desk at work to massage the feet and drills at lunch time in the park are a few ways I can squeeze training into my work day.

What are your future goals (short and long term)?
This track season is focused around chasing qualifying times for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. ANZ B-standard for the 5000m has been set at 13:25, which will be a tough ask, but I have races planned in the US to have a crack at this time. Beyond this track season, I am looking forward to running my debut half marathon this winter.

What is your favourite food pre-competition?
I’m not particularly fussy on my pre-race meal, the standard distance runners choice of a chicken pasta meal the night before goes down well, and I try to stick to my usual eating routine on race day, so to not throw the stomach any curve balls!

Do you have any training advice?

Long term consistency is key. So when you’re healthy and injury free, don’t get carried away with your training load by logging unnecessary miles and completing harder sessions than usual. The short term gains never equate, as the body will usually break down at some point. I’ve learnt this lesson the hard way several times.

Anything else you would like to add?
I wouldn’t be where I am without a few people, so a quick thanks to my coach Paul Hamblyn for all his time and efforts, physio Vaughan Craddock for keeping me healthy and on my feet, and sponsor Nike for all their support.

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