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Dianne Craddock 

Athletics Auckland Cross Country & Road Section Representative

How long have you been involved with Athletics?
I have been involved with Athletics Auckland for approximately 25 years, during that time I had involvement with all sections of the sport. I have been the Chairperson for a local club, been involved with the merger of two clubs into one structure that better catered for all grades and disciplines in the sport, and for many years been the Chairperson for the Cross Country and Road Section and as such I represent that section on the Athletics Auckland Board.

Although still involved with both Track and Field and Cross Country and Road, it is the latter that I am most involved with. As a committee we co-ordinate a number of races during the season into a Grandprix series and Junior series and conduct our Cross Country, Teams Cross Country, Road, and Road Relay Championships, as well as an end of season prizegiving.

We are also committed to sending where we can, full counting teams to our National Championships and a small Cross Country Development team to the Australian Championships. We are involved in the selection of the teams, organisation of the travel and accommodation, assistance with funding, etc., of such teams as well as management of the teams whilst on tour.

What are the main challenges of each season?
I would have to say recruiting volunteers to assist with the many jobs that are involved in a season is getting harder. But probably by far the most difficult is raising the funding necessary to continue with all our programmes and to be able to introduce new ones. Funding these events and in particular assisting our teams has been quite a financial burden and over the last few years we have run at a small loss.

Whilst we would want to continue to assist our athletes it is unwise for us to continue this way and so we have looked for ways to become more financially independent.

Do you have any new projects?
Let us introduce Feet'n'Wheels, an event that we will be holding at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park on 12th Oct.

There are several different foot races or walks, a scooter or skateboard race (imagine the thrill of speeding around the hills and curves of the race track, something normally only cars can do) there will be skid pad and hot lap demonstrations, the chance to purchase an experience for yourself at a reduced price if you enter one of the races, plus other entertainment.

Details can be found on the dedicated website and profits from the day will come back to the Sport. Visit

How can we get involved?
Firstly everyone can "like" us and "share" us on facebook. You can find us at

If everyone was to enter the event and encourage friends, family and neighbours to join them, it would be a very easy way to fundraise and have fun at the same time. Make sure you look at the website now and sign up whilst there are still early bird prices.

There maybe clubs that can help run an entertainment on the day.

Some of you may have some useful contacts for Sponsorship or for products to use as spot prizes or to go in the goodie bags that all entrants will receive.

Please contact Patricia Ramires -
Or Dianne Craddock - with offers of help or suggestions.

We need your support in order to make this a success. HELP US TO HELP YOU.

We would like to congratulate Dianne Craddock, awarded Life membership of Athletics Auckland Inc. at the 2014 AGM held on 26 June.

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