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The Great Peter Snell era recaptured in a new book

The book PETER SNELL AND THE KIWIS WHO FLEW encompasses the glory days of New Zealand middle and long-distance running. When, in 1962, 80,000 spectators crowded the grounds from Auckland to Invercargill to see Peter Snell, Murray Halberg, Bill Baillie, John Davies, Marise Chamberlain and Barry Magee – all Olympic medallists, or world record breakers, test their fitness against top overseas competition. A never-to-be repeated decade (1956-1965) when our runners, amazingly, bettered 23 world records/world best times.

Peter Snell: “With a fluidity of description, Vern, a nationally ranked distance runner, ushers the reader into the stadiums of the world and rounds off the many races in such vivid fashion that he almost transplants the reader in the sprint to the finish line. He deftly moves from the competitions that excite, to wordage that is topped up with tidbits of humour as well as colourful anecdotes. The author uses phraseology that often jolts and surprises.”

Murray Halberg: “The author, in telling fashion, describes the fear of defeat and the joy of victory.”

Bill Baillie: “Only one who competed throughout the decade, as the author did, could write such a compelling story.”

Barry Magee: “A masterful storyline. Marks out of ten. Eleven!”

A substantial over-size book of 305 pages and 124 photographs, some in colour, at a cost of $45.00.

Available through Whitcoulls and Paper Plus.

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