About Athletics Auckland

About Athletics Auckland

Athletics Auckland Inc. (AAI), is a not for profit Regional Sporting Organisation (RSO) devoted to the advancement and education of youth in the broader community, from North Harbour through to Franklin areas including Primary, Intermediate and High schools.

AAI provides opportunities for children to participate in quality organised, individual and team based sports while gaining exposure to good sportsmanship and benefits derived from a team effort. Central to the core mission of AAI is development, we aim to instil a sense of community with in our athletes and help them to gain functional experience that will assist them in the future. AAI activities promote positive change and help to produce fit, healthy and active young people who will make positive choices, pursue their dreams and maximise their potential to lead fulfilling lives.

Just as our youth need educational activities and health services for positive emotional and developmental growth, they also need necessary athletic and recreational activities, which provide them with the skills and tools needed to achieve their goals and their efforts to be a productive member of the community.

AAI has recently partnered with the John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams Foundation, for our appointed coaches to deliver skill development sessions for students in South Auckland.

We feel that this partnership is an ideal match, for our missions are aligned in that we encourage the young people of Auckland’s area to pursue a more active lifestyle through sport and physical recreation that leads to a fitter, healthier and more caring community.

Our mission is to improve the position of AAI as a resource for athletes and the community.

AAI Health Safety Plan revision March 2023

AAI Integrity Ethical Conduct Policy-January 2024

AAI Bullying Policy-January 2024