Auckland X Run Series

For those people who do not belong to a club, you may like to give X-Country a go through our X Run Series. See details below

Fun Run Children under the age of 7 years can participate in our Fun Run as well as children who do not want to register and run in their age grade race.  There is no need to pre-register for this race, simply come along and pay $6 each and choose to run one or two laps of the course (each lap is usually 2km).  Parents and adults can run with younger children or just enjoy exercising in the company of others in various parks around the city.

FUN WALK Not sure about running or jogging 2 or 4km?  Why not try walking it.  We invite Social Walkers to enjoy this experience as well.  Entry is the same as the above Fun Run.

RACE WALKERS can experience something different, walking over grass and hilly terrain.  You can choose to compete over 1, 2 or 3 laps.  It will not be a timed or judged event but there will be an official clock at the finish line.  You also need to adhere to the principals of Race Walking (no running).  After a trial year we will assess the interest and look at the possibility of creating a Race Walk series for registered athletes to have their own Grand Prix.

OPEN SOCIAL RUN We will this year be offering a 4km Open Social Run on our programme for the first 3 races of the Grand Prix Series.  This is not part of the Grand Prix and athletes will not be eligible to earn points.  Registered and Unregistered athletes can enter.  See Event entry form for more details.

Non- Registered Competitive Run – 7 years and above

If you are 7 years and older and wish to be a little bit more competitive, you may enter age grade races.

Entry fee includes your timing chip which must be collected from the registration desk at the venue and returned following the completion of the race.

Senior Grade $40 per race (Age taken 20 and above as at 31/12/2022)

Masters Grade $40 per race (Age taken from 35 years in five year lots as at 28/5/2022)

U18/U20 Grades $30 per race (Age taken as at 31/12/2022)

U8 – U10 – U12 – U14 – U16 Grades $15 per race (Age taken as at 31/12/2022)

Enter and pay online. (Entry form will be online 1 – 2 weeks prior to event)

The 2022 races are open to everyone who enjoys running. You can run in up to four races (which includes the Auckland Cross Country Mixed Distance Race 14th May).  Check Event Calendar for Race Dates.

Race 1 – Grand Prix Race 2 – Lloyd Elsmore Park, Pakuranga

Race 2 – Grand Prix Race 3  – Barry Curtis Park, East Tamaki

Race 4 – Grand Prix Race 4 – Long Bay Regional Park

Race Day

  • Best advice to not just first-timers, but all competitors, is to arrive at the race site early. There is lots to do before a race, and lots of people trying to do the same thing, so the best way to avoid being rushed is to insure that you have enough time to get organised pre-race.
  • Here is a logical progression that you may want to go through when you get to the race site:
  • Arrive early! A half hour won’t be enough time to get everything done. Give yourself an hour, even more if you can, so that you won’t be rushed.
  • When you get to the venue head to the registration area to pick up your number with timing chip on the back if entering in the competitive grades.
  • Go to the start line 10 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled race. Please note that while competing you cannot wear an iPod etc